Hi, I’m Chrissy and I am a part of the Digital Marketing team here at Final Cut. In this new era of applying for jobs through Facebook and selling products on an Instagram Live Story, social media plays a huge part in business. Having social media accounts is now necessary to ensure that your brand is being seen through all channels. While having a great website is still a great way to bring in business, showing customers (and future customers) the ins and outs of your company on a more relaxed platform is extremely important. From highlighting new products, to celebrating holidays, and giving behind the scenes looks to your followers, social media platforms are the best way to market your company. Having these accounts make your customers feel like they are personal friends with you and it will really boost your customer service.

There are a ton of different social media platforms, and they all reach different age groups and personality types. So which platform is best for your company? Let’s figure it out. Facebook is one platform that works for everyone. It has the most age range and reaches all personality types. There are so many hobby groups that you could market to. For example, if your company makes and sells sportswear, Facebook actually lets you market to people who ‘like’ gym pages, those who are involved on a community sports team, or those who list their job as something activity related. Facebook is always a great spot to show people what you are made of. Give a background story of how your business got started or how many people work at your company. Take pictures of your employees on their birthdays and when you hire someone new, so your customers can be up to date with your company. Facebook gives you a great variety of people and can help people find you easier.

Facebook is a great way to start out, but there are other platforms that can reach a more specific audience. Instagram is one step from Facebook. They have a very creative audience but are still filled with businesses and potential customers. Instagram is a great space to show your creative side. Instagram typically has a younger audience, but that is changing! More adults and business people are joining Instagram for the creativity. Instagram is also a great place to test out new ideas. Let your customers see some of your new design ideas and even give them a chance to choose their favorite. Since Instagram is a picture and video only sight, taking a video of someone saying what you might have put in text on Facebook or Twitter is a great way to connect with your audience.

Facebook and Instagram are the two basics social media platforms that are universal for every type of business. Twitter and Snapchat on the other hand are not always a hit. Twitter and Snapchat are mostly used by young adults. This means that if you sell a product or service that is generally used by an older audience, these two platforms might not be best for you. However, if you are selling a product or providing a service that is targeted to young adults and teenagers, these two platforms could be beneficial to your marketing strategy. The best way to really know if these platforms will work for you is to test them out!

Twitter is a sight that is used very openly and freely. This platform is used by companies as a means of communication. A lot of companies use Twitter to solve customer service issues, as well as communicating with other brands. Twitter also has a sense of humor to it. Competing brands poke fun at each other, users call out companies when they don’t like something, and companies reply with a sarcastic comment. If you have a witty employee and don’t mind crossing barriers, try out Twitter and see how it works for you.

Snapchat is a hard platform to build on. Snapchat usually works best if you have already gathered a major following on other platforms. After your following is substantially large, create a Snapchat account and introduce it on your already existing platforms. This way your followers can personally search your username and connect with you. The difficult thing about Snapchat is you can hardly look up a brand by its name, you almost need a specific user name to find anyone, which is why having an already existing following will help your audience find you.

These four social media platforms are commonly used by companies around the world. Whether you want to up your customer service, connect with your customers, or show off your behind the scenes work, social media is a great way to expand your brand. It is easy for people to find you and makes your customers feel like they personally know you. It can be confusing to start up these platforms on your own, so if you want social media accounts, but don’t necessarily want to deal with them, give us a call at 844-458-0250 and we can do it all for you!



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